About ProChain: ProChain Solutions was founded in 1996 to deliver advanced project management solutions to companies of all sizes. We are the premier implementer of solutions based on the Critical Chain approach; we have thousands of clients, many in the Global 500. ProChain provides Software and Services that enable our customers to:

  • Dramatically increase project predictability while decreasing risk,
  • Reduce project cycle times by 20% to 50%,
  • Improve time to market, and
  • Increase productivity.

By introducing a systematic, organization-wide approach to planning and executing projects, you will experience:

  • Improved visibility on the status of critical initiatives;
  • Better organization-wide resource utilization;
  • Significantly better decision-making at both the project and the organization level; and, consequently,
  • Much better on-time delivery dates.

There are several ways to get started. One is to send representatives to our Quick Start Program. That will enable you to try out the ProChain processes and software with no delay. A more comprehensive approach, typically used by companies that are larger and/or have large projects, is to work with ProChain on a pilot program. The pilot will demonstrate the type of business impact that ProChain’s project management solution can have within your organization and will help each of us to build a better understanding of how the other works. ProChain consultants facilitate and drive the project planning process during the piloting phase of the relationship.

A successful initial effort – where success is defined both in terms of results and learning– will often result in rolling out the solution across the organization. During the rollout phase, ProChain works with you to make sure that the positive early results become the standard way of doing business. There are several parts to the rollout process:

  • Up-front planning to develop understanding and set expectations
  • Quickly creating success in highly leveraged areas in order to build momentum
  • Training internal experts who can lead the process forward
  • Leading and transferring implementation governance in order to make sure the implementation goes smoothly and continues after we are gone

This approach allows our clients to take ownership of the project management processes, adapting and scaling the implementation as needed.

Our Philosophy

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ProChain Press

ProChain Press was founded in 2008 to publish practical, high-quality books, including:

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University Program

ProChain offers instructor and student licenses for academics who wish to integrate Critical Chain into their curricula. More >

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