Our Philosophy: ProChain Solutions is about...


If we can't articulate where there is clear value, at least ten times the cost of our fees, we typically decline an engagement. We consistently work on implementations where the bottom-line return to our clients in real dollars is more than $100 returned for every $1 invested.


We implement solutions that exactly meet your business objectives. We focus on ensuring there is alignment between your business needs and our skills, tools and methodology. If there is not alignment between your needs and our solutions, we all have better things to do.


We partner with our customers to tailor a solution that is process-based, and meets their specific needs. We understand that your problems may not be unique, but your situation almost certainly is.


We have been implementing innovative project management solutions for many years. During this process we have helped tens of thousands of people in hundreds of companies. We wrote the books on the practical application of the Critical Chain scheduling concepts: The Project Manifesto, The Billion Dollar Solution, and Project Management in the Fast Lane.


ProChain Solutions is about repeatable processes. From the first conversation we want to understand the real issues you need to address, discover where your leverage is and assess whether we can provide you with real value. Our implementation, quality and certification processes ensure high-quality, repeatable results.

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