High Tech: In high-tech industries, few things are valued as highly as delivering your products when you promise them to your market. Of course, that delivery has to include the most competitive feature set possible. Meanwhile, due to the complex and innovative nature of these products, various specialized resources are in short supply. Companies find themselves with more product ideas – and often more active projects – than they have resources available to complete them all.


The key to superior productivity is focus. The organization must focus only on those projects they can complete, and as far as possible individual workers must focus on one task at a time. ProChain schedules help in both areas. Individual ProChain schedules help pinpoint key tasks and clarify worker priorities. ProChain Pipeline helps you to prioritize work across many projects and programs.

On-time Delivery

By scheduling your projects with ProChain Pipeline, you can prioritize your project and program work, determining what is and isn’t feasible and when projects should start. This has consistently helped high-tech companies to increase their on-time delivery to the high 90% range.

Decision Support

If there are insufficient resources, or if features must be dropped, PPM helps you create a rational basis for those decisions. The impact of changes to features and resources can quickly be evaluated, giving you confidence that you are making excellent and timely decisions; without putting an undue burden on project personnel.

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