Information Technology: IT departments must keep their customers satisfied by exceeding expectations with high-quality products while simultaneously lowering costs. More and more IT departments are under threat due to chronic problems with late, over-budget, or under-scoped deliveries. PPM's integrated system of schedule and resource management provides you with increased efficiency and better predictability to ensure that your customers are happy to keep coming back.


Last minute surprises are the nemesis of consumer product development. Problems surface—after launch commitments have been made—and there is a mad scramble to recover. Too often the results are lost features, poor quality, or insufficient initial supplies. The buffering system inherent in Critical Chain schedules provides an unprecedented early warning system. Problems are surfaced months or even years earlier, in plenty of time to take corrective actions.

Credible Reporting

PPM scheduling, with its system of key tasks and buffers, helps you to to identify problems early. The schedules provide a basis for evaluating alternative solutions so you can keep projects on track for a timely launch. In addition, the team knows every week which task is driving project progress and where they can apply focused work to protect their launch date. These capabilities have allowed our IT clients to increase overall on-time delivery rates to over 90%.

Critical Resource Identification

One common shortcoming of traditional critical path scheduling is that resource limitations are ignored. Anyone with experience in consumer product development knows that resources are not always available when needed. Even in companies that try to create dedicated project teams, key resources are matrixed to projects. Projects compete for these shared resources and traditional schedules don’t identify the resulting conflicts. PPM schedules highlight the bottlenecks and allow you to adjust delivery dates to account for the impact of resource contention within and between projects.

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