Medical Devices: ProChain has worked with several medical products companies to apply the ProChain Project Management methodology to their projects. These are often complex projects, combining hardware, software, chemistry and biophysics with high company and government requirements for precision and quality. Their efforts with PPM have paid off in a number of ways.


The product complexity of this industry demands systems that can absorb uncertainty. Even if critical path schedules are developed properly, they are almost impossible to maintain and use effectively in this constantly changing environment. Critical chain systems are inherently different. Explicit allowances for uncertainty provide the shock absorbers necessary to accommodate the realities of medical device product development. Instead of becoming useless wallpaper, schedules remain current and provide teams the information they need to know where to focus their efforts. The result is dramatic improvements in on-time performance.

Improved Project Execution

One key to success with complex projects is the ability to identify key tasks and resources within individual projects or groups of projects. The need to “focus” everywhere typically leads to no focus; with PPM, this chaos is replaced by targeted information that enables management to focus attention where – and only where – it is needed. This, in turn, results in significant improvements to both productivity and predictability.

Improved Visibility

In regulated industries, process and design control are critical to success. The discipline inherent in PPM schedules helps project teams incorporate external and internal requirements easily and reliably. PPM’s tracking and analysis capabilities give teams and management a powerful vehicle for transparency and traceability throughout the life of the development effort.

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