Manifesto Resources: This page contains materials designed to enhance your understanding and implementation of the Critical Chain and Project Manifesto/Relay Race concepts and tools. We try to keep it up-to-date, but please feel free to suggest articles or tools you would like to see.

  • ProChain OS Video Series Summary ( PDF)
    Learn about the new ProChain Operating System Video Series and why you should watch! This document also provides all the links discussed in the series.

  • Episode 1: Agree (ProChain OS Video Series) ( YouTube)
    In this video, Rob Newbold introduces the ProChain Operating System and the problems it addresses. He also discusses step 1, Agree: agreeing on your objectives and how you can tell those objectives are being met. Tools include the Project Charter and the Risk List.

  • Episode 2: Align (ProChain OS Video Series) ( YouTube)
    Episode 2 continues the ProChain Video Series with step 2, Align. Rob explains why alignment is important and how to get it. He includes an in-depth discussion of the major ProChain alignment process, critical chain scheduling.

  • Episode 3: Advance (ProChain OS Video Series) ( YouTube)
    This episode covers step 3, Advance. Rob Newbold talks about the paradigm and values needed to get lasting results as you employ the ProChain Operating System tools and processes with your projects.

  • Episode 4: Implementation (ProChain OS Video Series) ( YouTube)
    This fourth and final episode shows how to apply the three steps of the ProChain Operating System – Agree, Align, Advance – to achieve an effective, long-lasting implementation.

  • Personal Productivity( PDF)
    What can you do if you're interested in applying Project Manifesto concepts in your organization, but don't have the buy-in to get everyone to do it? How can you apply the concepts in your daily life? Read this document to get some ideas.

  • The Manager's Manifesto Guide( PDF)
    This document explores the different concepts in The Project Manifesto in depth. It covers values, work standards, rollout tools, and more.

  • Project Charter Template
    This is a sample Project Charter document in Microsoft Word format. Use it to help gain alignment on your project objectives and deliverables.

  • Project Team Checklist
    This Excel spreadsheet contains a sample checklist that you can use to make sure team meetings cover the essentials of good critical chain project management.

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