ProChain Applications Course Outline: This two-day introductory course covers Microsoft Project topics and ProChain Project Scheduling.

Constructing the Project Network

Time: Day One 8:30-3:00

Objective: Students will be able to understand the basic elements of a good Critical Chain project network, how to enter the project information, and how to utilize Microsoft Project functions to customize data.


  • ProChain Overview
  • Network Design Considerations
  • Entering Project Information
  • Defining Task Relationships
  • Using Summary and Detail Tasks
  • Viewing Project Data
  • PERT and Gantt Autoarrange
  • Adding Lead and Lag Time
  • Creating Custom Calendars
  • Entering and Assigning Resources
  • Changing Task Types
  • Sorting and Filtering Project Data
  • Customizing the Gantt Chart

ProChain Project Management Concepts

Time: Day One 3:00-4:30

Objective: Students learn Critical Chain and ProChain Project Management concepts. Note that students should already have an overview understanding of Critical Chain concepts; this section is not designed to be a substitute for an entire course on Critical Chain.


  • Traditional Project Problems
  • Impact of Multitasking
  • Basics of Critical Chain
  • Project Cycle Time Reduction
  • Buffer Sizing and Placement
  • Updating the Schedule
  • Using Buffers to Manage the Project
  • Creating Stable Work Priorities

Single Project Scheduling with ProChain

Time: Day Two 8:30-4:30

Objective: Students should be able to create a ProChain schedule and use ProChain tools to analyze the schedule, update task status, create reports, and analyze causes of buffer consumption.


  • The ProChain Scheduling Process
  • ProChain Views and Filters
  • Analyzing the Project Network
  • Low-Risk Durations
  • Scheduling to Meet a Due Date
  • Resource Hierarchies
  • Updating Task Status
  • Tracking Actual Start and Finish
  • ProChain Reports
  • Graphical Indicators
  • Fever Charts
  • Making Changes to the Schedule
  • Standard and Advanced Options
  • Custom Variables
  • Implementation Issues
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