Software: At ProChain Solutions, we are committed to creating and maintaining tools that help you to implement Critical Chain and the ProChain Project Management (PPM) methodology. PPM is supported by a twelfth-generation software suite that has been proven by tens of thousands of users in thousands of organizations worldwide. We have created a set of tools and services that allow this approach to be tested on an individual project, and rolled out across an Enterprise with thousands of users across many projects. This gives us an incredible amount of flexibility in working with you to create solutions that fit your unique situation.

Our major software products are:

  • ProChain Project Scheduling supports Critical Chain scheduling for individual projects.
  • ProChain Pipeline provides multiple project, shared resource and portfolio management capabilities. Pipeline allows for the Critical Chain-based synchronization of many projects based upon the individual project schedules and cross-project resource requirements.
  • ProChain Enterprise, a web-based Critical Chain reporting and updating application for large and geographically dispersed organizations.
Project Scheduling

ProChain Project Scheduling Supports Critical Chain scheduling on the desktop. More >


ProChain Pipeline software allows you to synchronize large programs and entire portfolios around shared resource management and reporting. More >


ProChain Enterprise is a scalable web-based scheduling, reporting and updating application for large and geographically dispersed organizations. More >


Order ProChain Project Scheduling or ProChain Pipeline... More >

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