2022 Conference

19th Critical Chain Conference (Virtual)

Our 2022 Critical Chain conference, held online, October 12 to 13, 2022, was a great success! Download a copy of the agenda here.

Attendees engaged with Project Management Leaders from corporations of all sizes who have transformed their organizations. Aerospace, construction, medical devices, pharma, and semiconductors were all represented.

List of presenters: 

  • Beta EngineeringIDC + CCPM: Using Integrated Design and Critical Chain Methodologies to Reduce Risk and Increase Schedule Certainty
    Chris Wilson, Continuous Improvement Manager 
  • Boston Scientific Our Critical Chain Journey: 15 Years and Going Strong
     Steve Olivieri, Project Manager II and Kelsey Krupp, Associate Project Manager   
  • CSL Behring Creating Opportunity from Uncertainty
    Jesse Conard, Senior Director, R&D Project Management 
  • Embraer – One Embraer: The Journey to Merge the Companies Back
    Luis Felipe Souza, Project Manager
  • GaldermaImplementation of Critical Chain for Planning and Execution of FDA Submissions
    Matt Curin, Nemolizumab Project Management Lead 
  • Micron –  Transitioning to ProChain Fusion
    Les Beasley, Sr. Manager, Program Planning
  • NXP –  The Fast Devour the Slow! Critical Chain Helps NXP to Win the Race
    Jorden van Ee, Program Director, PMP, and Ralf Wegener, Project Analyst 
  • ProChain –  ProChain University and ProChain Fusion
    Rob Newbold, CEO; Norman Patnode, Principal Consultant; and Nic Andrews, Director of Software Development
  • TeleflexOur 2nd Rollout – Not Exactly Déjà Vu
    Chelsea McKiernan, Senior Project Manager

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