Fusion Pipeline

Multiply the power of Critical Chain and ProChain by using Fusion Pipeline to synchronize your projects and programs across the enterprise.

Using Fusion Pipeline you will obtain clear, globally based priorities for all tasks across all projects. You will be able to check the interactions between any number of projects from a central location. New, enhanced reporting and decision support capabilities will enhance your competitive position through better, faster decisions. Fusion Pipeline provides a combination of ease of use, scalability and power for those implementing the ProChain System in multiple-project environments.

If you would like to discuss your implementation requirements, or if you need pricing or ordering information, please contact us.


Portfolio Management

  • Use all the capabilities of Fusion Desktop, integrated seamlessly into Fusion Pipeline.
  • Re-schedule, update, and analyze any number of projects and resources, taking into account the capacity of selected resources.
  • Control the entire scheduling process through simple but comprehensive options.
  • Manage tradeoffs between lead time and utilization through ProChain’s patented “flow expansion” technology.
  • Obtain consolidated views of task, resource, and project status across multiple projects.

Decision Support

  • See the status of multiple projects instantly.
  • Analyze the impact of possible portfolio decisions quickly and reliably, with a single mouse click.

Resource Management

  • Use resource status reports to set and manage relative task priorities across all projects.
  • Analyze loading information for any or all resources across a specified time horizon.
  • Set aside resource time for non-scheduled work using the “Reserved Capacity” feature.
  • Analyze and select resources to use for project synchronization.

Program Management

  • Manage complexity by linking your projects, tasks, and resources.
  • Keep complete control over the relative priorities of programs and their individual components.
  • Schedule and manage projects across an entire program or portfolio of programs.
  • Roll up multiple levels of projects and programs to manage and report at many different levels.

What's New

Fusion Pipeline provides:

  • Multi-project fever charts.
  • Simplified program management capabilities.
  • Cross-project program management views and analyses.
  • Enhanced project and resource reports for updates and what-if analyses.

Technical Requirements

  • Windows: version 10 or later, 64-bit or 32-bit
  • Microsoft® Project 2013 or later (Standard or Professional, 32- or 64-bit). Note that while Fusion Pipeline is compatible with the Microsoft Project Online Desktop Client, we do not currently support its Project Web App.
  • 50 to 100 MB hard disk space (depending on your current configuration)

Order Information

  • Up to 12 Projects
  • Up to 25 Projects
  • Up to 50 Projects
  • Unlimited Projects

If you would like to discuss your implementation requirements, or if you need Price or Ordering information, please contact ProChain.