Fusion Desktop

Fusion DesktopTM is a powerful scheduling and decision support tool that aids the implementation of the Critical Chain improvement concepts.

ProChain Solutions was the first company to sell Critical Chain scheduling tools. Now with a 15th-generation product, we believe we provide the best solution for creating realistic, easy-to-maintain project plans, resolving conflicts, focusing on key tasks, accurately tracking project status, and getting predictable results in the shortest amount of time. You may also consult our Frequently Asked Questions for further information.


  • Full support for advanced modeling capabilities including start-start and finish-finish links, lag times and task calendars
  • Advanced Fever Chart displays
  • Integrated resource load leveling
  • Dynamic, automated buffer creation and status updating
  • Powerful network analysis and debugging
  • Fully integrated with Microsoft® Project
  • Automatic Network and Gantt task arrangement
  • Extensive manuals and on-line help
  • Phone and email support

Technical Requirements

  • Windows: version 10 or later, 64-bit or 32-bit
  • Microsoft® Project 2013 or later (Standard or Professional, 32- or 64-bit). Note that while Fusion Desktop is compatible with the Microsoft Project Online Desktop Client, we do not currently support its Project Web App.
  • 50 to 100 MB hard disk space (depending on your current configuration)

What's New

Fusion Desktop comes with many exciting features, including:

  • The Network Differences report that allows you to see instantly what’s changed
  • Next-generation Fever Charts and multi-buffer displays
  • Lightning-fast scheduling and what-if analysis
  • Improved support for all phases of network building, updating, and execution
  • Enhanced buffer calculations
  • Expanded network analysis capabilities for tasks and buffers
  • Support for non-English versions of Microsoft Project and Windows
  • Improved resource graphing
  • Task checklists with optional resource and duration assignments

Note: If you have questions about features or upgrading from earlier versions, please contact us at support@prochain.com or submit an online form.