2021 Conference

18th Critical Chain Conference (Virtual)

Our 2021 Critical Chain conference was held online, June 15 to 16, 2021, with optional sessions on June 14 and June 17. Participants engaged with Project Management Leaders who have transformed their organizations. They were able to listen to real Project Managers and their first-hand experiences, challenges, and results, with a question-and-answer session after each.

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Here is the list of presenters:

CSL Behring – Why Doesn’t Everybody Do It This Way?
Jesse Conard, Senior Director, RDPM

Thermo Fisher Scientific – Critical Chain Culture
Courtney Morato, Beam Tech Program Portfolio Manager

Beta Engineering – Empowerment Through Visibility and Accountability
Sarah Halbert, P.E., Vice President, Business Systems
Chris Wilson, Engineering Manager, Agile

NXP Semiconductors – Learnings From COVID-Era Network Builds
Mark Benson, Program Director
Ralf Wegener, Project Analyst

Teleflex – Continuing Our Critical Chain Journey Despite 2020: A Few Stories to Tell
Justin Thompson, Senior Program Manager
Chelsea McKiernan, Project Manager

Embraer S.A. – A Hybrid Transformation:  Managing Cross-Project Impact of Resource Contention
Filipe Braga, Engineering Strategy & Project Management

Recor Medical – Focus Pocus: The Magic of Empowering the Project Team
Melanie Harris, Senior Director, Program Management

ProChain Solutions – Update: Where We Are, Where We’re Going
ProChain Senior Staff

Each day included engaging presentations using Critical Chain methodology and tools. The Conference took participants on a journey through real project challenges and scenarios faced by Project Managers and their teams and examined what they’ve achieved and how they’ve done it.