ProChain Operating System

Our Methodology

We have developed and refined our Project Management operating system for over twenty years with the aim of making your project organization wildly successful. Our operating system has become the premier project management methodology in the world and includes best-in-class software, certification, and change management.


Everyone, from executives to line managers to individual contributors, needs good information to be effective at their jobs. Effective enterprise management means integrated, synchronized decision-making. That, in turn, requires information across many dimensions, including resource groups, projects and geographies. This information must be synthesized in ways that give people what they need, when they need it.

Software Tools

The ProChain Operating System (PCOS) delivers critical information through a combination of its ProChain Enterprise (PCE) software, the ProChain Pipeline and ProChain Project Scheduling modules, and the PCOS methodology. Organizational dimensions are integrated through the following pieces:

  • ProChain Enterprise provides web-based task, resource and project management tools for organizations of any size.
  • ProChain Pipeline software allows synchronization of schedules across multiple programs, projects and organizations.
  • All these tools combine power and ease of use to get the right information to the right people, virtually instantaneously.
  • The ProChain software tools are bound together by the PPM methodology. This methodology includes a certification process so that ProChain, and eventually your company, can create qualified internal experts who will ensure your long-term success.

The ProChain Operating System and the ProChain software together form not just an enterprise information system, but enterprise operating system. It has already produced hundreds of millions of dollars in benefits for several Fortune 100 companies.

Program Management

Large programs represent great risks and challenges, and even greater opportunities. Complex programs are difficult for even a highly experienced team to manage. The program management components of PCOS have been effectively applied on programs with hundreds of workers and dozens of subprojects, with excellent results. They extend the basic single-project PCOS toolset and methodology in several important ways:

  • The ProChain software supports the linking of tasks and projects across the most complex of programs.
  • Presentations and materials help structure the difficult process of creating a schedule architecture that matches the program’s needs.
  • Full integration into ProChain Enterprise allows remote schedule status, analysis and updating for large programs across even the largest of organizations.

These tools, coupled with the knowledge and experience of ProChain’s senior consultants, can result in excellence in program planning and execution for your organization.


ProChain has spent fifteen years developing its rigorous certification processes to ensure that you can create your own long-term implementation results. ProChain has developed its Expert and Professional certification programs to help companies develop and maintain their own capabilities in planning and executing the ProChain Operating System. This offering is designed specifically for organizations that have made the decision to broadly and rapidly deploy PCOS.

Certification candidates undergo a rigorous combination of classroom and hands-on training, on real projects, under the direct supervision of experienced ProChain consultants. Upon completion of the certification process, the candidates are capable of leading an internal implementation of PCOS without additional outside assistance.

Change Management

Significant change initiatives are usually high risk. There are many ways they can run into trouble, including failure to involve senior management, poor communication, inadequate planning, improper implementation tools, and inability to make key course corrections. ProChain’s Operating System, based on the three-step “Agree, Align, Advance” process, helps ensure that all these areas are coordinated and monitored to give you the maximum chance of success. In fact, we’re so confident in our approach, we offer risk-free implementations. Learn more about the ProChain Operating System, or Contact us now to get started!