Fusion is ProChain’s latest software creation. It combines a modern, intuitive user interface with enterprise-level project management that allows you and your team to enter data quickly and get meaningful results in real time. Whether you are interested in task, resource, project, program or pipeline management, ProChain Fusion can help you be more successful. Contact us to help decide whether Fusion or Enterprise will best meet your needs.

ProChain Fusion™ will help you manage your projects and your work, anywhere, any time.


With ProChain Fusion, you may:

  • Determine task, resource, and project status instantly, from anywhere in the world
  • Figure out where to focus for maximum impact
  • Quickly and intuitively manage tasks by setting priorities, creating checklists, and assigning resources
  • Utilize the latest task and project metrics and graphical displays
  • Work with existing Microsoft Project schedules
  • Access extensive online help
  • Manage large programs composed of many components
  • And much more!

Coming Soon to Fusion

  • Agile integration: gain even greater ease in scaling your agile implementation!
  • ProChain Pipeline integration
  • Extended portfolio management capabilities and views
  • Enhanced resource management

Technical Requirements

ProChain Fusion is available in the cloud and for on-premise installations. Please contact us to find out more!