Advanced Training

ProChain Advanced Training

We tailor two-day training classes to meet your specific needs, so that you can quickly achieve the results you need. Classes are intense and size is limited to 6 participants. Contact us to talk specifics about content and pricing.

Enterprise Portfolio and Resource Management

We tailor Enterprise Portfolio and Resource Management workshops from the following topic areas to help you optimize your portfolio management processes.

  • Resource management: Learn to set and manage enterprise-wide resource levels.
  • Program management: Learn to schedule and manage large programs with multiple subprojects.
  • Pipeline management: Learn to schedule and manage pipelines of multiple projects or programs.

Ultimately, your needs will depend on both the requirements of the organization and the software available (ProChain Pipeline, ProChain Fusion, or ProChain Enterprise). In working with us to tailor the training, here are some questions you might want to consider:

  • Do we understand the load our current project portfolio places on our resources? What changes would give us the most value?
  • Can we estimate the impact of new projects on those currently in progress?
  • Do we have very complex programs that should be managed interdependently, rather than as independent projects?

Execution Excellence

We find that many of our clients do a good job building timelines, but they feel they could achieve more during project execution. The objective of this class is to ensure that team behaviors and ProChain Fusion software are aligned towards rapid and reliable task and project completion. Participants are taught to leverage ProChain Fusion for themselves and fellow team members in order to structure their work around the driving statement: “Prioritize. Focus. Finish.”