Pipeline Training

One to Two Days

Course Components


We tailor pipeline workshops from the topics listed below in order to meet specific student needs. Those needs will depend on both the software available (ProChain Pipeline and/or ProChain Enterprise) and the requirements of the organization, for example:

  • Resource management: Learn to set and manage enterprise-wide resource levels.
  • Program management: Learn to schedule and manage large programs with multiple subprojects.
  • Pipeline management: Learn to schedule and manage pipelines of multiple projects or programs.


  • Constructing a Pipeline Profile
    • Creating a master resource sheet
    • Adding projects
    • Setting project priority
    • Adding resources
    • Project scheduling and updating options
  • Methods of Project Pacing
    • Flow ExpansionTM
    • Reserved CapacityTM
  • Using the Pipeline Profile
    • Project pacing, scheduling, and updating
    • What-if analysis
  • Resource Management Concepts
    • Creating a global resource template
    • Resource load graphs
    • Selecting a pacing resource
  • Multi-project Reporting
    • Detailed resource loading
    • Task Lists
  • Program Management
    • Managing projects and subprojects
    • Linking projects, subprojects, and tasks
    • Independent vs.dependent subprojects
  • Operationalizing Program Management and Pipeline Management